Knocked Up

Judd Apatow's latest film has received great reviews from coast to coast AND it gave Pirates of the Caribbean a run for its money over the weekend at the box office. Knocked Up accomplished this rare feat of combining critical and commercial adulation for good reason: it's the best movie of the summer.

I will be first to point out that Apatow handles his male characters better than the female ones, but in Knocked Up he sure comes close to nailing how real people, of both genders, behave in these sorts of situations. His last film was about a nerdy man in his 40's who was still a virgin and how his friends try to "help" him. The situation this time centers around Ben, a slacker with 5 roommates, who hooks up with Allison, a young professional whose career is on the rise. It's a one night stand by every meaning of the phrase and the moment she finds out she's pregnant is when the movie really starts.

As the potentially happy couple tries to get to know each other and "make it work", we meet and get to know some of their friends. Ben is living in never-neverland where you don't have to grow up. He and his friends sit around watching (and quoting) movies and making stupid bets with each other. Allison lives with her sister Debbie who has a husband and two little girls. As Ben and Allison grow closer, they watch as Debbie's marriage goes downhill. Lines are drawn, sides are chosen and... well, you'll just have to go see it if you want to know how the funniest movie of the year ends.

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