Cloverfield: The Blair Witch Project meets LOST?

A big group of us took advantage of having the following day off and saw Cloverfield on Sunday night.

Hopefully no one has spoiled this one for you yet, because I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did if someone had told me what everyone was running away from in terror in those teaser trailers. Of course, to say I 'enjoyed' it is a little strange, because I kind of felt like I was going to throw up the entire time. There's suspense for you...

It's a short movie, but I don't think I would have been able to take it if Cloverfield had been much longer. That sounds like a bad remark, but that's just coming from someone who doesn't like being freaked out for much more than 84 minutes straight.

I won't say much more, but here are some tips:

1) Watch closely in that last scene and you might just notice something that my brother noticed that no one else in our group did.

2) After you watch it, hit up Imdb's entry about the movie for some fun trivia.

3) You might have heard that you need to stay for the credits, but to be honest, I'm not sure it's worth sitting through. Although the one song in the film, played during the credits, it kinda fun. This movie has little to no soundtrack otherwise.

I was somewhat dreading seeing this, because I do NOT like being scared. This movie was pretty freaky, but I still thought it was good. It's a neat concept: filming a terrifying event with one hand-held camera, with clever "flashback" sequences in between filiming segments. And as a fan of LOST, I can see where J.J. Abrams's hand was in this project.



I saw Atonement last night, even though I had seen a trailer months ago and thought it looked pretty sappy. However, it exceeded my expectations. It had some clever twists and turns, and some mystery to it.

For an 'epic love story,' the two lovers (James McAvoy and Kierra Knightley) were rarely in the same scene, but the separate stories going on made it more than just a romance film. It is a war movie, and a story about betrayal and regret. It was told well, and though it was at times confusing, the plot eventually clarified itself.

While I found the final scenes somewhat bizarre, I am unable to think of another way to tell the ending that would create the same effect on the audience.

The movie did have a little bit of humor despite the somber trailer I had seen. I don't want to say much about the plot, but I am glad I saw it.

On Sunday this film won two Golden Globes for Best Drama and Best Original Score. The film failed to win in the five other categories it was nominated for, which were Best Actress (Knightley), Best Actor (McAvory), Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Saoirse Ronan) and Best Screenplay.