wheeling and dealing

So I've got some news about some upcoming deals and films that are in negotiation. It sounds like Leo DiCaprio wants to star in a Timothy Leary biopic. That could be pretty cool, I would be interested in seeing that for sure. He was excellent in The Aviator as Howard Hughes, I just wonder who might be good to direct this sort of film?

Also in the works, the Wolverine spinoff of the X-men franchise starring Hugh Jackman, is being slated for next summer but sources say it will more likely be out the summer of 2008. Is anyone else not that enthused about it? I don't know why but I'm kind of over X-men movies, the last one was a little disappointing. Maybe this will be different, we'll see.

And lastly, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are planning to do a film together in which they are both patients in a cancer ward and decide together to break out and do all the things they've always wanted to do before they die. It sounds like this could be a very entertaining and maybe touching film, neither actor has had a big hit in a while yet both are widely liked by moviegoers. The film is called The Bucket List, if you don't get the title it's okay.

Check back tonight for my summer movie analysis.


comic geeks unite!

Starting tonight and continuing through the weekend, superhero fans will be flocking to cinemas everywhere faster than speeding bul... sorry, you get the idea. Yes, Superman Returns is opening on select screens tonight and will be showing in a ridiculous 3,915 theaters starting tomorrow. I myself will be witnessing the second coming this weekend, my wife has grudgingly agreed to see it with me for my birthday.

As an added bonus, reports are in that the Spiderman 3 teaser trailer will be showing before the film, of course we'll have to wait until next summer before we get to see Spidey swinging again. On a side note, the next Batman movie still is not even near to beginning production (but I want it now!)

That's all for now, my next post will feature my opinion of this year's summer films so far.


the persistence of vision explained

Good evening… if you feel you’ve reached this blog by accident, by all means leave. If by some far-fetched, unexplainable, fluke of the world wide web, you actually meant to visit this page... then read on if you dare.

On with the topic: Here I will discuss movies and what I like about them and what I don’t like about them… but mostly what I like about them because for the most part I can’t get enough of them. I read a lot of movie and news web sites every day and I thought I would post here what I learn about what’s coming out, what’s been out, and interject my opinion about them.

Most of all I wish this to be a place of discussion. I want to hear what other people think, because above all things… I love talking and sharing about movies with other movie lovers.

Keep it tuned right here because summer isn’t even close to being over yet and I still have a lot of films to see.