The original, not the remake

This is hardly a new movie, but over the weekend, I finally made myself sit down to watch a classic.

"Psycho" is pretty intense. It's not shocking like the contemporary slasher flicks try to be, it's shocking in a totally different way. There's not an overflow of blood and gore, there's just terror, and suspense and mystery.

Well, there's mystery if someone hasn't already spoiled it for you. That's one trouble with classics; they are referenced and parodied too much in popular culture. I wonder if the next generation won't bother watching "Fight Club" because they already know how it ends.

Anyway, I avoided "Psycho" for years, because even parodies scared me. But it's a great movie and shouldn't be missed.


My new job has me contributing to a blog here on blogger.com, so I revisited the Film Narrative this morning.

I now have my own much more active blog, but it is of a more general nature, rather than focusing on movies.

But that doesn't mean I don't still love/hate the film industry, and I do still care about posting online reviews and previewing obsessively that which is to come ("Arrested Developmnet: The Movie," anyone?)

However, since the last movie I saw was "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2," primarily to make fun of it, reviews will have to wait a while longer. But then again, if you've stuck with us this long, might you stick around another week or so?